Positive Production
& People

Deep in the tropical roots of Miami, 214 St was born. Growing up an only child, our founder, spent every summer at overnight camps. Hand written letters where her only mode of contact with friends and family back home. Over the years the coveted collection of letters grew and became part of the house decor. The walls of her home, there on 214 St, brought about the beginning to our business today.

Currently 214 St is housed in Austin, TX. Our mission is to spread the joys of the written word through positive service and craftsman precision. With 10+ years of graphic design, lettering, illustration and calligraphy work under our belt we have a process like no other. We create products of all mediums combining classic structure, southern charm, and a hipster vibe to perfection.

As a feminist ran business 214 St prides itself on delivering customer driven designs through excellent product as well as communication.

If you are a local store in Austin, please don't hesitate to contact us for samples, setting up workshops, or having our team perform custom on-site productions.