3 Simple Hacks to Goal Conquering

     Every new year is a chance for one to strive towards new goals! Goals that may (totally) have been avoided in years past… It’s a fresh year, and our pursuit of “betterment” fueled by new routines can quickly become overwhelming. Most New Year’s regimens end up adding stress! Leaving those ‘resolutions’ all but dissolved into trash come March.

    I myself have seen my resolutions slip past me. Year upon year, upon year trails of failed resolutions marched alongside me into those ‘fresh starts’. Every January, I kept saying to myself “this year is the year” or “things will be better different…this time”. Eventually/Usually I found myself coming up short. As I tackle this first week of 2017 and reflect on ‘16, I can tell you that this year, they actually did stick! This year I finally learned what all the resolutions in the world couldn’t bypass. I zoned in on my fatal flaw and found a new way to achieve my elusive goals.


2016 taught me a few key tips


My goals weren’t unattainable, my execution was.


Every year I did the same thing:

  1. Make a list of goals
  2. Tacking goals on a wall, mirror, or fridge
  3. Constantly look at the list
  4. Feel positive about list for two weeks
  5. Feel crappy about not doing everything
  6. Crumple list
  7. Eat feelings

The process was inevitable no matter how long or short steps 4-5 were. I was always running the whole marathon before trying a 5k. I kept tackling all of my resolutions at one time. Picture a mother feeding a baby, making a lasagna, cleaning the floors, and running errands...at the same time. I M P O S S I B L E.



Sure, you can eat the pie whole...but slices make it easier!

Funny enough, I only realized my flawed execution while trying to become a runner. When I started (re)teaching myself how to run I would write a resolution to “run a mile in 15 minutes.” That was the goal, plain and simple right? I would slip into some fresh new joggers, lace up those bright-as-white trainers and will myself to the gym.

Once there, I spent eons in my mind watching as the annoying and clunking treadmill, minute after minute, merely crawled towards my mile goal. The time dared me by speeding up! I would meet the challenge mentally…only to look down at my feet, slowing the pace.

I would try and try programs to improve performance. I used all sorts of supplements, training guides and phone applications. I even once thought my problem was my pace, I wasn’t going fast enough! That path only lead me to overexertion and injury. Eventually, I abandoned my running dreams and turned to my next fitness resolution.

I found a local box (gym) and became a more social athlete. I joined crossfit with the hope of meeting new people in my area while also reinvigorating my athletic spirit. Those months of crossfit were enlightening for me. There in that badly lit, no A.C. having, hunk of pure steel I finally realized that I was failing at my goals because I couldn’t stop looking at the big picture. I kept looking at the full journey without focusing on where my next step was landing.

With my crossfit training I learned that the path to succeeding at my goals wasn’t about the finish line. In box terms, if 100 burpees are on the board you were tasked with chipping at the number not sprinting to the top. The focus was to finish one burpee and then focus on completing the next one. In that moment, I had found the key to achieving my goals. I applied this same mindset to my New Year’s resolutions and bit by bit, each goal unfolded before me.



Be the Tortoise not the Hare.

My story is just an example of how I learned to better my execution when it came to goal achievement. The hard work was the top of the iceberg, but the mindset was the support that lied beneath the water line. If you’ve been where I started, this year, try taking it one step at a time. Make goals that you can achieve a piece at a time. Maybe your goal is to lose “x” pounds in 2017. Before crash dieting, focus on the reason you want to lose those pounds.

Some make resolutions to be healthier, instead of throwing away everything in your pantry start with eating out less week by week. Look at how often you ate out in November and strive to eat out 1 less time a week in February. Before you know it you’ll be straight Emeril status in the kitchen, but not in the waist.

Teach yourself new lessons one step at a time, you wouldn’t push a baby to jump before they could stand. Incorporating little steps overtime will get you closer to the goal versus cutting straight to the finish line and coming up short.


By using these tips, this past year, I surpassed all my resolutions!

  1. I can now run 2 miles under 28 minutes
  2. I lost 20lbs and kept it off
  3. I practice meditation and self examination weekly
  4. I have spent more time with family outside of the holidays.
  5. I survived my first year living in Texas.


Taking everything one step at a time was the key to happiness and fulfillment for me, and it can be your key too! I challenge you all to do the same this New Year. Set your goals, and break them down one step at a time. Share them with your friends or even here in the comments. Let’s work at this together and make 2017 the best year yet!

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