Chill, Breathe & Enjoy

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the crazy moments.

Appointments, parties, deadlines, twitter, text messages, tv shows AHHH! I too find my mind wandering throughout my remedial tasks. Then suddenly, once I realize I haven’t been on track, anxiety takes control. Our worries can often start like a small drop of snow that slowly gains speed as it ramps down a hill. The best way to combat this elusive demise is to stay present. Enjoy every single moment you have on this earth. Once you become more mindful you’ll lose the ability to be discouraged by the impending future.



Now this doesn’t mean you should ditch your dreams and goals all together. Continue to work towards them, & when you start feeling stuck remember where you are. Remember the good in the day, breathe & enjoy. You can pick back up where you left off, once you’re in a better head space.

That’s the word on the street


Arlin SorhaindoComment